My Top 10 Healthy Snacks

I am well known for my love of snacking.

In university I remember my French teacher stopping mid-lecture “You’re eating again?!” 

Every job I have, no matter what the circumstances are, I find a way to eat well.IMG_1921

I wasted many of my younger years denying my body proper nutrition.  Now eating well is an important act of self love and care for me.  It also keeps me energized, mentally alert, calm and happy.  When I forget to eat throughout the day I’m often plagued with mood swings, anxiety and fatigue. Continue reading

10 Lessons from Over a Dozen Jobs

My cousin says that I’m a renaissance woman.

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A renaissance woman is defined as a woman who has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences.

It is also a generous way to say that I have been a bit all over the place in my career.  I see life as an education and I am always excited to learn new skills.  Because of this I have been everything from a waitress, a chef, a nanny, a producer, a travel writer, a skincare advisor and more.

While I envy those who excel at one thing, I am trying to see the benefits of my multiple careers.  For one thing, I have learned a lot, and I have respect for every job choice out there.

So why not share with you?  Here are 10 lessons from doing well over a dozen jobs…

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Traded Everything for Love


It’s funny to say I did.

Because in a way, a couple of years ago, I walked away from what I had thought was love.  So much so that I signed it on paper, made it official, declaring I wanted to spend my life with one person.

But when I walked away I decided to love myself.  To acknowledge that things weren’t right and that it was worth finding the courage to admit I was wrong.  To start life over.  As one.   Continue reading

The Perfect Diet

It sounds so promising at first.

All I have to do is cut out carbs?  Restrict my calories?  Replace a meal with a smoothie?  Eat like a caveman?  Avoid meat?  Eat raw?  Eat “clean”?

We’re lured in by before and after images, by people who look like they’ve got it all figured out; a solution to all of our problems.

So you buy the book, the supplements, the groceries, and the promise being sold.

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Permission to Start Over

I have not written much lately.

When my days are full and social I find it hard to find clarity in my head, let alone words.

This year has been busy with trips back and forth with my long distance love.  With work, time with friends, and personal projects.  Overall I am happy.


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