Traded Everything for Love


It’s funny to say I did.

Because in a way, a couple of years ago, I walked away from what I had thought was love.  So much so that I signed it on paper, made it official, declaring I wanted to spend my life with one person.

But when I walked away I decided to love myself.  To acknowledge that things weren’t right and that it was worth finding the courage to admit I was wrong.  To start life over.  As one.   Continue reading

The Perfect Diet

It sounds so promising at first.

All I have to do is cut out carbs?  Restrict my calories?  Replace a meal with a smoothie?  Eat like a caveman?  Avoid meat?  Eat raw?  Eat “clean”?

We’re lured in by before and after images, by people who look like they’ve got it all figured out; a solution to all of our problems.

So you buy the book, the supplements, the groceries, and the promise being sold.

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