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Healing Harvest Chicken Soup

Simple food is the best food.

I made this soup for my amazing aunt who just got home from a big trip and was feeling a under the weather.  She is superwoman and I knew she needed something to get her through the week.


I wanted to make the most nourishing soup that could easily be reheated and enjoyed again.  Lucky for me, she picked up a ton of beautiful produce at the market so it was easy to find inspiration.

If you’re looking for a cozy, healthy meal, make a huge batch of this and enjoy leftovers all week.

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A Mourning

A friend and I sat in the park yesterday, sunshine on our faces, and she told me that it is important to grieve.

To think about all of your regrets and to fully grieve them.


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My Sweet Sleep Kit

After years of insomnia I have finally trained myself to get a good night’s rest.

I have done this with the help of meditation, eating better throughout the day, getting enough sunlight, and making sure I unwind before bed.  This means calmihg my thoughts and lights off by 10 p.m.

I am so grateful to be able to sleep through the night. It means I have more energy in the day, balanced hormones, a regular appetite, and more joie de vivre.

If you need some help guaranteeing a good night’s rest, here is my little tool kit I’ve put together to help you get your Zzz’s…


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For the Love of Tahini: 3 Ways

I love tahini.

If I could get away with it I would probably dip carrots into a jar of tahini for dinner every night (this may have happened before.)

When I’m not dipping carrots into a jar, I use it to make easy creamy salad dressings, including a killer “faux Caesar” dressing, or eat it straight off the spoon.  No shame.

Needless to say, I really do love the stuff, and to celebrate this beautiful love I’m giving you three recipes that might help you feel the same.


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Lentil Muffins (Trust Me)

My lentil muffins are as funky sounding as they are delicious.

Please try these. Do you like soft, warm, moist, bran muffins? Then you will love these. And if you don’t tell anyone what’s in them they will love them too.


This is actually the most popular recipe I’ve ever come up with.  When I originally shared it on a previous food blog, Healthy Tasty Cheap (in construction), I received several comments about these muffins being a new family favourite.  Some readers made them in big batches and froze them for handy snacks to be reheated.

These muffins remind me of one of my favourite jokes.  It’s about an elderly couple who die and go to heaven, and the man says to his wife “This is all your fault. If it weren’t for your bran muffins, I could have been here 10 years ago!”

Yes they will keep you and your bowels happy, and hopefully be an addition to your long happy life.  So if you don’t mind kickin it with a healthy, delicious, and totally funky sounding muffin, here ya go.  [click to continue…]


The Creamiest Chai Hot Chocolate

This week has been cold and rainy in Vancouver.

Although I’m more of a sun worshipper, the crispness to the air has me really excited for the upcoming seasons.

Fall is such a special time of change and new opportunities, and winter means I get to have my love home with me for a month. I can’t wait to start snowboarding again and to cuddle up after a long day on the mountain.

With all these lovely thoughts floating through my head, I created the creamiest chai hot chocolate. I skipped all the junk you’d find in any Starbucks concoction and whipped this together with superfoods that will balance your blood sugar and leave your body humming.


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If you want to join a community that brings together women who are passionate staying strong in body and mind, I would love for you to join Trailblazers.


The Trailblazers community page can be used to plan outdoor activities like hiking, group runs, yoga, camping, potlucks, or even a snowshoe adventure in the winter.  I also encourage any open discussion that encourages strength in women.

This is a community for women of all ages, as I would like to see teen trailblazers find mentors in our 20+ women (we can all learn from each other.) I will personally be organizing events and activities in Vancouver, but you can feel free to join and plan from any city.

Please invite any friends or family you think might be interested and let’s go play outside!

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Cheezy Green Scramble

When I’m deciding what to eat I generally ask myself “How will that make me feel?”  

When I’m looking for a meal that will make my whole body feeling amazing, this cheezy green scramble is my go-to.  It includes my favourite feel good foods: coconut oil, eggs, greens, and nutritional yeast.


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Witch’s Beauty Brew

photoI’ve always felt like a bit of a witch in the kitchen.  I love coming up with healing elixirs that taste good and make me feel great.  I usually travel with a ziploc full of green powders, natural herbs and teas to keep my body humming along. [click to continue…]


Lessons from a Nomad

A year ago I packed my bags and moved to Europe.

I had no plan to return, a big broken heart and a fresh start.

One morning I flew back to Toronto to chase a dream and then eventually came to Vancouver.  I had nothing but a carry on, some beat up credit cards and a few dollars to my name.

Since then I have been slowly coming home, to myself and this city.  The past year is still a lot to wrap my head around.  It was a journey of highs and lows that brought me closer to myself.

And now, as I settle into the beautiful city where I grew up, I have found love (or did it find me?) and am rebuilding my life.  I’m letting go of the past and choosing a future that makes me happy.

Meanwhile I am so grateful for the nomadic year behind means the lessons I learned along the way.  I am going to hold on tight to those.


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