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December Fit Focus: The Motivation

My friend asked me a great question this morning: what motivated you to get into this?

I was flooded with a million thoughts.  The first one was an image of myself building the hippie yoga retreat over a year ago.


I remember being surrounded by a rainbow of characters from all walks of life.  I observed what made them special and what made them happy.  They all had some kind of gift to share in terms of music, skill, or energy.  They were all also strong, healthy and vibrant.

In this situation, and every other situation where I was travelling and vulnerable, I found myself wishing I felt stronger and healthier physically.   [click to continue…]


December Fit Focus: Day 1

I had a rough sleep on Sunday night which is never great when you’ve got a busy day ahead.


But I woke up excited to get started on my plan.  After an indulgent birthday week I’ve been craving more regularity in my daily schedule and love having an outline set up for me. [click to continue…]

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December Fit Focus

Getting back into health and fitness has improved outlook on life.

It has helped me realize my strength.  I know that when I reach my limit, I can go a little further.  That when the hill seems to high or steep to climb, I just need to re-focus and move.  I’ve realized that setting goals has and always will be what motivates me.


With this in mind I’ve set up a 7 week plan to reach new fitness goals.  I want to continue to grow stronger and see what I am capable of.

By Christmas time I will have a few weeks to enjoy all good things in moderation, and in January I will set new goals.  My long term goal is to carry my strength and healthy lifestyle through my thirties and beyond.

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The Great Fitness Experiment

I celebrated my 28th birthday in the Caribbean feeling happy, healthy and strong.


It wasn’t without effort. I realized this summer that all of my travels, long hours at work, and life changes had taken their toll on my body and health. [click to continue…]


Good Vibrations


“Be around people who make you feel like your heart is exploding, you could be levitating, and you forget what time it is. Human connection and feeling supported are integral to feeling like you are not alone, because you aren’t. Often anxiety arises from feeling like we have to take care of things by ourselves, that we must go it alone or that life is every (wo)man for (her/him)self. This is all bullshit. We are all here to support each other, we’re all struggling, and we all deeply need each other. Being an asshole is a joke. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good, that you admire, that do things that make you laugh, that make you tea and encourage you stand on your head.”

— Robin Lee

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Facing Fears on Wheels

I woke up at 4 a.m. in a panic.

I had been trapped in a series of nightmares that felt real.  They were haunting.  I felt as if I’d never wake up.

I believe that your dreams can tell you a lot, so as I tried to shake them off, I also tried to find out where they were coming from.  I came to the conclusion that I am still haunted by the fears of my past as I work towards a better future.

I sat with these thoughts until 5 a.m.  It was still pitch black outside.  The moon was glowing.  And I thought to myself, I don’t want to waste my life being afraid.  I have so much I want to do.


So I did the one thing that scares me the most.  I dragged an old bike out from behind the house, carried it up onto the street with determination, and got the hell on it. [click to continue…]


The Balance of Things

In less than a week I turn 28.

In less than a week I get to wrap my arms around my long distance love and sink into my first relaxing weekend in a long time.

Fall is such a precious time of change and I’m trying to be self-aware.  Where do I need to make changes in my life?  Where can I improve?


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If you followed my Natural Beauty Series you know I am a huge fan of Jane Iredale.

They recently sent me their beautiful Fall Collection – City Nights.


It’s exactly what I was looking for to transition my beauty routine into Fall.  The colours are rich and seasonal – beautiful rose, gold, green and purple hues.

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How to be Human

As I leave the drug store I notice a young Japanese woman trying to leave from the wrong sliding doors.

She looks overwhelmed and embarrassed.  I smile and point her to the right doors.  Outside she looks around bewildered.  Before I can cross the street she asks me in careful broken English where she can find the sky train.  I point across the street.  We smile.  She bows.  I bow.  I walk to my bus smiling – I know the feeling.

When you are in a strange city where you don’t speak the language, everything is terrifying.  When I lived in Berlin every day tasks felt overwhelming and impossible.  Buying a ticket for the subway, sending a package, ordering a coffee.  I once dragged my feverish body to a dentist’s office thinking it was a doctor.

I can’t describe how comforting it is to be back in my own city.  For the past few weeks I’ve been house sitting on the North Shore, where I grew up.

As I walk the dog I turn back and look at the ocean, freighters stretched out in pools of sun; the landscape of my childhood.  My eyes tear up.  I feel human again.  I give a shit.  About myself, about other people, about my future.  I know the kind of memories I want to make and those I need to stop repeating.

This ebb and flow of life will never stop fascinating me.  I am grateful for having been lost, to understand what it feels like to be in the dark, and to climb out of it.  

I am human again. Heart beating, mind racing with new ideas, aware of the bright horizon ahead.


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Healing Harvest Chicken Soup

Simple food is the best food.

I made this soup for my amazing aunt who just got home from a big trip and was feeling a under the weather.  She is superwoman and I knew she needed something to get her through the week.


I wanted to make the most nourishing soup that could easily be reheated and enjoyed again.  Lucky for me, she picked up a ton of beautiful produce at the market so it was easy to find inspiration.

If you’re looking for a cozy, healthy meal, make a huge batch of this and enjoy leftovers all week.

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