Love It Back Together

It was a week of break ins.

This week someone broke in to the upstairs of the house while we were sleeping.

Later in the week another one of my homes was broken into, the bloodshed all over social media.


Paris, the city that has loved and housed me over the years, was attacked.   Continue reading

Japan: Day Four and Five

I woke up the day after cycling sore and groggy.

But it was our last full day in Onomichi, and there was still a lot to see and do.

Under an overcast sky we set out as a group through the small city streets, passing a large lot of unlocked bicycles where students and workers park for the day.


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Japan: Day Three

I slept better than I anticipated.

At breakfast I doubled up on eggs and tofu and made sure to get my fair share of rice.  I went to my room, stretched, put on my gear and headed to the lobby.

The sun was shining and the air was warm but perfectly crisp as we walked over to collect our bikes.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather.


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Japan: Day One

You never know what to expect in Japan.

After a traditional breakfast of rice, fish egg and seaweed (my favourite), I headed to the conference room for our orientation.


Here we learned about the motive to help Onomichi tourism thrive, a little more about this small shipping city in Hiroshima with a passion for cycling, and then introduced ourselves. Continue reading

Japan: The Arrival

I arrived in Tokyo giddy.


The 18 hours of travel and 4 a.m. wake-up hadn’t phased me yet.  I was in Japan!

While in line for customs I kept eyeing the other travellers.  I was told there was a group of 15 of us travelling to Hiroshima but had no idea what they looked like or where they were coming from.  So I played the game in my head “Who looks like a travel writer?” Continue reading

Making It Happen

I am on the first leg of my long journey to Japan.


This time last year I flew to Japan on a writing assignment, and now I’ve been asked to return to help with tourism.

When I tell people what I’m up to they often ask how I get these opportunities. Like most things in my life, there are no simple answers.

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A Taste of Seattle

When I think of Seattle I think of eating.

I think about the charcuterie plate at Le Pichet, wedged between a bread basket and a pichet of cold rosé at lunch. I think of the smell of warm croissants first thing in the morning from Le Panier.  Of the ever so funky Mama’s Mexican kitchen, the walls covered in elvis paraphernalia and the tables covered in maragaritas, chips and salsa.


With all of this in mind, I set off to Seattle early this past Sunday with my one of my favourite eating partners and dearest friends Gwen.

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California Mini Guides

California is the cure for everything.

This past trip was all I could have wished for and more: endless birthday celebrations, love and affection, good food, bubbly and exquisite cocktails.

I visited three places I’ve been before – San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles – but discovered new places in all of them.

I thought I would share my trip with you in the form of mini guides that capture my experiences.  Let’s go.


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Change with the Seasons

I was grieving even before I was grieving.

There’s something about Fall.  Old parts die off to make room for the new.  It never feels good in the process but when you come out the other side you feel shiny and new.

For the past few weeks I’ve been going through uncomfortable emotions.  Trying to see my worth, where my life is going, and making peace with the past.


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