Memories: Berlin

I am starting a new series called memories. I need to write more. These will be part of a bigger story and book one day.

Berlin. Beautiful Berlin.

Berlin was not beautiful in the way a pretty girl is pretty, but beautiful like one of those women with perfectly disheveled hair, who made smoking a cigarette look good, who was never on time but you didn’t care. Exciting, colourful, young, exquisite Berlin.

I fell in love with the city visiting my brother. We drank flat whites all day, and Club Mate, the cold tea sold in bottles that kept you wired all day, loved by computer programmers and clubbers alike. In the day we visited hip stores, perfect white walls, perfect German salespeople with no makeup and flawless skin. Effortless cool. Every meal we had was just right. Bountiful lunch salads in open spaces, and the best Asian fusion I’ve ever had prepared in a restaurant under the railway, where you had to knock on a hidden door and give a password to get in.

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Competition Q+A


Q: Why would you want to do such a thing?

Having a why for competing is key. And it can’t be for anyone but yourself. My major why is that I had a burning desire to do so. It scared me, excited me, and it felt like something I really needed to experience. Along with this I wanted to understand the process (for research and helping clients) and give myself extra motivation in the gym. If you love bodybuilding, getting on the stage is a great motivator to showing off what you have built. Continue reading

How To: Count Macros on the Go

After my last very brief post, a few people reached out to me and asked me for tips on tracking macros while traveling.


While I wasn’t perfect on the road, I did do many things that kept me on track as I cut for my competition.

I probably could have skipped the Mai Tais in Hawaii… but that wouldn’t be any fun now would it?

So here are my top tips for staying on track…

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