Chobani Review

Dear Canadian yogurt lovers, I have some great news…Chobani has arrived in Canada!

I recently learned that Chobani – a yogurt widely touted on some of my favourite health food blogs – has come to Canada (thanks for the heads up Morgan!).  After mentioning this on twitter I was quickly rewarded with a message from Chobani saying they’d love to send me some.

The next day, guess what was delivered to my apartment doorstep?

Pretty sweet.  I love the little insulated lunch box and was excited to try the peach, cherry, pomegranate and strawberry flavours.


I immediately dug into the cherry.  My impression?  Not quite as thick as I had hoped, but a nice flavour and a satisfying snack.  To be honest I’m more of a high fat plain greek yogurt kind of gal so I’m a little critical.  I prefer no sugar, a thick consistency, and the option to top it all off with Canadian maple syrup.  But still, I liked these.  The fruit at the bottom wasn’t too sweet, had a nice flavour, and reminded me of the Muller yogurts I was obsessed with when I lived in Ireland.


For my second yogurt I froze the pomegranate in the freezer for a few hours to enjoy after dinner.  This was much better!  Simple, satisfying, and maybe a better option than the bacon bark I’ve been eating after dinner.


The strawberry and peach were snuck into the freezer for sweet treats later, while I enjoyed the best of all…the plain chobani! While I normally wouldn’t buy 0% fat, it’s high in protein and makes a great post workout snack.

It’s also thick and creamy and perfect with a big Canadian drizzle of maple syrup and a handful of nuts. I also learned it makes a perfect sub for sour cream if you’re out!

Thank you to Chobani for letting me try your delicious goods!  Welcome to Canada!




  1. gillian!!!! i’m so glad to see that you’re back in the blogosphere!! it just wasn’t the same without you!! i’m excited to start reading up on your posts, hope all is well with you and happy new year 2012!!
    xoxo, kristina

  2. Hi, Gillian! So happy you got your hands on some CHO! While only our 0% flavors are available in Toronto at the moment, we do have plans to bring our creamier, richer 2% flavors shortly. Thanks for giving us a spoon, and please let us know if ya ever need a fresh supply!

    Lindsay, Chobani

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