Detox Re-Cap

I am proud to say that I finished my detox!

As I mentioned, this is normally when post-detox would begin, but as I started a week early I’m ready to dive head first into a glass of wine and an edible adventure in Paris.

I did a video after my first week and half way through, so I wanted to give a little summary for anyone following.

Overall I’m very happy I did it. My digestion has improved, my skin has cleared up, my body feels revitalized and I find myself craving more fruit and vegetables than I have in a long time.

Bob's Juice Bar

I have to be honest and say that I did not follow the Fab Detox 100%. I believe in adapting things to your personal needs and requirements to make them work. For me it meant having an almond mylk latte one day (it was for an upcoming video you’ll be seeing), bringing the nuts back into my diet earlier (there are days of cutting out nuts, beans ect.), and having two smoothies and then a real meal on the day of the juice/smoothie cleanse.

I also got very sick this week which is one of the reasons I didn’t do a full day of liquids and why I brought nuts back in earlier. I could hardly bring myself out of bed and found myself really needing calorie dense foods.

While some people experience uncomfortable systems while detoxing, I think my sickness what due to a packed schedule, very little sleep, and putting my body into overdrive. I’ve always found it helps to slow down, sleep a lot, and take plenty of hot baths while on any detox, but I did pretty much the opposite.  If I were to do this detox again, I would add in some more of the supplements and attempt to rest more (not a strength of mine).

On the bright side, it’s Saturday, my relentless head cold has lifted, and I’m feeling pretty damn good. I even broke the spell last night with dinner at my favourite bistro, seared scallops, two glasses of wine and some chocolate for dessert.  You are supposed to slowly ease foods back in post-detox, but since I started early I’m easing in to my vacation!

In all honesty – the wine hit me hard the chocolate upset my stomach a little so I won’t be going too crazy over the next week.  Well, we’ll see about that.  Stay tuned for delicious eats from Paris!

Pros + Cons of my detox:


  • Improved skin and energy.
  • Amazing digestion (‘nuff said).
  • Encouraging friends to eat healthier by supplying plentiful salads and vegetables at get togethers.
  • My love of vegetables has been re-ignited. You should see how happy I get eating a sweet potato.
  • No bloat! After my initial experience of feeling very bloated on the detox from eating so much fibre, my body adjusted and I am now experience zero bloating as Meghan told me would happen.
  • No hangovers.
  • Temporarily getting rid of my morning mocha addiction.
  • Realizing I still have a slight dairy intolerance.  My stomach did not enjoy the feeling post-chocolate last night after re-introducing it.


  • I live with a meat eater so we ended up eating a lot of separate meals. I always find it more pleasurable and economical to make meals we can share.
  • I missed drinking wine with my meals.
  • I ended up eating a lot of nuts and fats to fill my need for calorie dense food and found it difficult to balance my protein.  Next time I will eat more dark leafy greens and drink more smoothies.
  • Socializing was a bit challenging – but I managed pretty well.
  • I felt like a boring food blogger. I wasn’t trying new restaurants and didn’t go to the Niagara Ice Wine festival as planned.
  • The cheese in my fridge is going to waste.

As you can see, I think the pros outweighed the cons on this one!  Thanks Meghan for leading such a great detox!


  1. kudos to you brave girl for completing this and…while ill!? i’m sure you are going to have such an amazing time in paris, how long will you be there? i just sent my brother in law a care package (he’s living in a flat in chinatown at the moment).

  2. great job with sticking with the detox! resting during those times is never easy for us either, we always feel we have to be doing something so not much rest. we are still doing our little ‘cleanse’, some days are easier then others, but doing it for our skin so going to keep up with it. 🙂

  3. Marie-Sophie

    Wow, Gillian, I always admire people who do a detox!! I never get around to doing it as I am afraid to be failing during my work days (it is really difficult to bring my own lunch since all my colleagues go out for lunch and I also have the need to leave my office building for at least an hour … might be easier in summer!) and I have a meat-eating, crap-loving boyfriend 😉 who would make it impossible to remove all the tempting food. But I will be changing jobs in March *yay!* and I have 2,5 weeks off in-between – so my plan is to follow the “Hormone Diet Plan” and have more smoothies in the morning (which I otherwise feel don’t fill me up enough, but that might just be a mental thing). We’ll see!

    Have fun in France and enjoy all that beautiful food!!! (and a little chocolate ;-))

    • Gillian

      Hi Marie-Sophie! Yes detoxes can be challenging and its always hard to find the right time to do them! But it’s definitely best to wait for a time when your schedule isn’t packed with events and you can plan your own meals. Good luck with the hormone diet plan and let me know how it goes! I have lots of filling smoothie recipes too if you need some 🙂
      Chocolate bisous from Paris!

  4. LizP

    Did you lose any weight? (Definitely not implying that you needed to lose weight at all…just wondering if that was a result of the detox!) 🙂

    • Gillian

      Hi Liz! I don’t weigh myself but I don’t think I lost any weight on the detox. I definitely de-bloated and improved my digestion, but I made sure to eat a lot of calorie dense foods like nuts, avocados and powerhouse smoothies since weight loss wasn’t my intention. I think it could definitely be a result for some if they are eating less calories than their used to, but it was more of a diet revamp for me 🙂

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