Food Goals

2012 snuck up fast didn’t it?  I’m excited for this year what’s in store for my personal life but also Battle of the Bites.  I have been mentally building up goals for both, mostly food related, and thought I would share!

Battle of the Bites- 

Give you one or two episodes of Battle of the Bites TV a month.

Share travel adventures (this month Paris, next month, who knows).

Review more great eats in this city and truly search for the best bites (best burger, best taco, best cocktail, I’m on it).

Keep introducing you to my hungry sidekicks.

Keep learning from my mentor, Anthony Bourdain.

no reservations

Food and Health-

Keep it Fresh – on my sister blog with my cousin Ayah – Healthy, Tasty, Cheap – we are embracing a month of fresh food.  After an indulgent holiday we’re hitting the veggies hard and have lots of recipes to share.

I won Meghan Telpner’s 8 days to a fresh start fab uplift detox programfrom Dani at Body By Nature and since I know I’ll be drinking wine and eating steak frites in France as soon as it’s done, I’m looking forward to a little reboot and sharing how it goes with you.


(maybe posting less leg photos should be a goal too?)


I have a lot of recipes I’d like to master this year.  I’m aiming for at least one a month.  Here is a taste:

  • Moules frites
  • Steak and peppercorn sauce
  • Boeuf bourgignon
  • Make my own butter
  • Make my own sour cream
  • Macarons
  • Chocolate (invest in molds and play with flavours)
  • Jalapeno jelly
  • Molecular gastronomy caviar
  • More dishes with poached/fried eggs simply because I love them
  • Same goes for bacon


Do you have any food related goals this year?


  1. i would eat every.single.thing on your list. ha my food related goals are more ‘farm to table style’ i’m really going to be using that butcher book a ton methinks! currently, i’ve been juicing 1x daily to get some glow. this girl quit taking birth control finished my pack on 12/23 and so far so good. i’ve only had some mild nausea and a tiny headache. my skin *crosses fingers* is clear so far but a few years back i got off yaz because that pill is the devil and broke out like a teen! here’s hoping having my hormones re-balance themselves doesn’t cause me to go into hibernation from the shame. oh my vanity 🙂

    • Gillian

      I love it! I’ve just broken out my juicer as well and might have to look into that book of yours! I have a few stellar butchers here I love. Good luck on your new venture!! I can’t wait to hear more about how it goes – and you’ll look beautiful no matter what. x

  2. love all of this my friend! my one food goal: bake a three-layer cake. it has to have three layers and be perfectly frosted. it’s gonna happen!! 🙂

  3. What a fabulous outlook of 2012! I would like to master the perfect pizza sauce and ragu in 2012. Oh, and finally make use of my cannele pan! xo

  4. Boeuf bourgignon is one of mine, too! I was going to try it on New Year’s Eve (I tweeted you about it 😉 ) but ended up not. Maybe for Valentine’s Day…

  5. Lots of food goals for me this year! I want to re-dedicate myself to making something different in the kitchen every week! It’s hard when you like what you make all the time so much… sigh….

    BTW – Love all your videos – Really really cute!

    Have a fabulous time in Paris! I was just dreaming of macaroons from Laduree this afternoon….

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