A Sweet Escape

I am a firm believer in getaways. Visiting Carmel is one of my favourite places to visit in the world.  It is where my beau, Derek, grew up, and where his amazing family resides.  Every trip here involves hiking, cycling, feasting, wine tasting, and socializing with incredible people. But with all of that, especially over … [Read more…]

California Mini Guides

California is the cure for everything. This past trip was all I could have wished for and more: endless birthday celebrations, love and affection, good food, bubbly and exquisite cocktails. I visited three places I’ve been before – San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles – but discovered new places in all of them. I thought … [Read more…]

The Perfect Diet

It sounds so promising at first. All I have to do is cut out carbs?  Restrict my calories?  Replace a meal with a smoothie?  Eat like a caveman?  Avoid meat?  Eat raw?  Eat “clean”? We’re lured in by before and after images, by people who look like they’ve got it all figured out; a solution … [Read more…]