The Coffee in Paris is Brewing

When I lived in Paris I grew accustomed to the typical Parisian brew: strong, bitter and acidic. While I loved my morning ritual of standing at the counter with a string of older men for my one euro espresso, I often chased it down with a cube of sugar before darting out to start my … [Read more…]

12 hrs in Berlin

I am back in France after another whirlwind weekend in Berlin. I arrived Friday night and my brother and I got right into it by hitting up the Champagne bar at Galleries Lafayette to wet out appetites.  This started a night that seemed to stretch out five different nights, leading us to a restaurant under … [Read more…]

Best Bites of Toronto

As I prepare to leave Toronto I want to pay tribute to my favourite places to eat and drink in the city. I put together a list of my personal top 10.  The city has a lot to offer beyond this, but these are the things that I will miss the most. Best Hangover Food: … [Read more…]

Under the Lens

Watching good documentary is  like diving into another world. It brings you so close to the story that you can imagine all of the sights and smells beyond the camera lens. Studying documentary film making in university was a breath of fresh air. After years of covering breaking news stories and telling them in a 3-5 minute … [Read more…]

My Pharmacy

I always find the winter months the hardest to find balance. They bring me right to my favourite vices – wine, chocolate, and coffee.  This year I’m enjoying all of those in moderation and staying vibrant with good supplements and a healthy diet. Here is a little peek into “my pharmacy”.  It ties in nicely … [Read more…]

El Almacen Yerba Mate Café

Last weekend my friend Ashleigh asked me to meet her at El Almacen Yerba Mate Café, a café specializing in the South American infusion yerba mate. Ashleigh and I met when we were both living in Paris and built a strong friendship over a love of unique cocktails, hidden gem restaurants, the Bon Marche Epicerie, and … [Read more…]

Chobani Barre Works

The other day I was looking into classes at Barre Works when an email from Chobani popped into my inbox. I was invited to spend a night at Barre Works with Chobani for a Bootcamp workout. It felt meat to be, especially after the wonderful evening I had with them last time.