A Taste of Seattle

When I think of Seattle I think of eating. I think about the charcuterie plate at Le Pichet, wedged between a bread basket and a pichet of cold rosé at lunch. I think of the smell of warm croissants first thing in the morning from Le Panier.  Of the ever so funky Mama’s Mexican kitchen, the walls … [Read more…]

California Mini Guides

California is the cure for everything. This past trip was all I could have wished for and more: endless birthday celebrations, love and affection, good food, bubbly and exquisite cocktails. I visited three places I’ve been before – San Jose, San Francisco, and Los Angeles – but discovered new places in all of them. I thought … [Read more…]

Change with the Seasons

I was grieving even before I was grieving. There’s something about Fall.  Old parts die off to make room for the new.  It never feels good in the process but when you come out the other side you feel shiny and new. For the past few weeks I’ve been going through uncomfortable emotions.  Trying to … [Read more…]

In Loving Memory

Goodnight my sweet. Today is your funeral. You are surround by those that love you.  By those that carry the same twinkle in their eyes and cheeky smiles that say they might be up to something (I am a proud owner of one as well).

Setting Intentions

I have given myself a gift. After a weekend with a group of friends up in Whistler, I have allowed myself to stay up another night on my own to think and write.

I’ll be Seeing You

“It’s hard to write poetry when you’re happy,” I tell my friend. She agrees. She once wrote songs about her teenage angst and mistakes. I often pursued darkness just so I could write about it. And now I’m happy and it’s hard to know where to begin with words. I just returned from California.

My Journey to Lean

In September I will be releasing a new ebook, Lean for Life, the last diet book you’ll ever need. I thought I would give you a little sample of the intro, my personal story, and why I decided to write it. My journey to lean has been a long one. I was a happily chubby … [Read more…]